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How Medical AI Can Save Patients From Excessive Exposure To Radiation

The potential of AI to transform the medical industry has received widespread media and public attention, however, some of its specific uses are not well known. A limited number of companies have begun to utilize AI in health care for the purposes of medical imaging, constructing 3D models out of 2D images using machine learning algorithms. If this process becomes standard within the medical industry, this could mean that patients undergoing CT and PET scans could face less radiation, which is known to increase the risk of cancer.

Zebra Medical Vision, based in Israel, offers this AI medical technology. Zebra Medical Vision produces an AI-based “Imaging Analytics Engine” which is used to analyze medical scans, deploying an algorithm to identify a wide variety of diseases. The technology may expand into orthopedic imaging after Zebra announced a partnership with neurosurgery firm DePuy Synthes earlier this month.

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