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Hackers Could Use Smart Displays to Spy on Meetings

Security firm Forescout discovered that touchscreen smart TVs from DTEN contain recently-exposed flaws that leave them susceptible to hackers. The vulnerability lies within the popular conferencing service Zoom, and hackers could compromise the service to bug conference rooms and lift video footage or notes written on the digital whiteboard feature.

Forescout employees used bug hunting skills to assess their own video conferencing systems, finding five bugs in the DTEN D5 and D7 connected displays. Three have since been patched, but two remain vulnerable after the team notified DTEN at the beginning of August. Another critical issue that was highlighted by the researchers is that the DTEN stores its whiteboard notes on an Amazon Web Services bucket that was left exposed on the internet, resulting in open access to the slides, screenshots, and notes of a company using these services.

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