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Apple iPhone Sales in China Plummets 35% After Huawei Surge: China’s Blacklist Backlash Continues

Credit Suisse has reported that its analysis of data from China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology suggests a year on year drop of 35% in Apple Phone sales. Although the decrease in iPhone sales is influenced by the poor timing of the iPhone 11 drop and the lack of 5G offering, the biggest issue Apple faces in China is Huawei, which has captured 42% of the Chinese market. As Huawei’s Q3 performance in China soars, Apple suffered losses when compared to Q3 of 2018. Q3 marks Huawei’s sixth consecutive quarter of double-digit growth.

Apple also trails other domestic retailers including Vivo, Oppo, and Xiomi. Boosted sales from the iPhone 11 launch have not endured due to their lack of 5G connectivity. Experts warn that Apple faces a long challenge in China as vendors drive heavy marketing around 5G in the next two quarters. Apple’s double-digit declines in October and November may be indicative of the next several months.

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