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Server market revenue declines 6.7% year over year

Research has concluded that vendor revenue in the worldwide server market has declined 6.7% in Q3 of 2019 when compared to Q3 of 2018. Worldwide server shipments declined as well, to just under 3.1 million units in Q3 of 2019. However, Q3 represented the second-biggest quarter for global server unit shipments in more than 16 years, beat only by Q3 of 2018.

Asia/Pacific and Japan were the only regions to show growth in Q3 of 2019, with Japan boasting a 3.3% progression rate and APeJ remaining roughly the same as Q3 2018 with a growth rate of 0.2%. While China saw vendor revenues remain flat, the US experienced a decline of 10.7%, worse than that of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa who declined 9.6% year over year.

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