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Fears rise as at least 13 stabbed in Baghdad square

At least 13 people were stabbed in Tahrir Square in Baghdad on Thursday amid protests in Iraq over the political state of the government. The Iraqi Parliament was scheduled to meet on Thursday to discuss laws governing compensation to include victims of security operations and vote on changes to the structure of the electoral commission. As Iran-backed militias withdrew from Tahrir, 13 anti-government protestors were stabbed, resulting in no fatalities.

At least 400 have died as a result of the demonstrations, leading to the resignation of Adil Abdul-Mahdi. The protesters are predominately Shiite southern Iraq and cite corruption, lack of jobs, and poor services as the root of their cause. Iraqi forces have countered the protests with live fire, tear gas, and sonic bombs, which have led to a large number of fatalities. Iraqi officials said that 6 suspects were taken into custody after Thursday’s knife attacks.

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