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Huawei Beats Google—Offers $220,000 For ‘Zero-Click’ Android Phone Hacks

Chinese tech giant Huawei launched a bug bounty program last week that will reward bug hunters up to $220,000 for detecting critical weaknesses in its Android devices. This program beats Google’s, who offers up to $200,000 for demonstrations of similar attacks on its Pixel phones. Huawei revealed the program in Munich, Germany, to some of the world’s top Android hackers. Huawei stated that hackers would have to gain remote access to Android devices like the Mate, P Nova, Y9, and Honor, without prompting the target to click on anything.

Huawei follows Apple’s lead in keeping the bug bounty program private, requiring an invite. With this zero-click bug bounty program, Huawei aims to prove that its devices do not contain any backdoors that the Chinese government could leverage.

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