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Israel Intercepts Four Rockets Launched From Syria

At dawn on Tuesday, four rockets were launched from Syria towards Golan Heights, causing no critical damage but triggering air-raid sirens. The Israeli military stated that the rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome air defense system and that no rockets had reached Israeli territory. At roughly the same time, a Syrian news agency reported that explosions were heard near the Damascus airport. It is unclear whether the rocket fire was a response to Israeli military activity across the northern frontier or if it was simply a surprise attack. 

Although the northern frontier has remained relatively quiet over the past several decades, occasional exchanges of fire have occurred as Israel attempts to curb Iran’s influence on Syria amid the Syrian civil war. This work has been largely clandestine. Since then, Israel’s “shadow war” against Iran has become publicized as the Israeli government stated that they had attacked Iranian weapon warehouses and after two Iranian trained militants in Syria were killed in a series of airstrikes. 

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