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Human Nature vs. AI: A False Dichotomy?

Today’s cyber-attacks can cost billions of dollars, data breaches, and loss of clientele, resulting in CISOs wary of employees’ abilities to guard data. Cybersecurity solutions used by enterprises and small businesses alike are difficult to use and create well-intentioned workarounds. These ‘shortcuts’ introduce new vulnerabilities that are capitalized by malicious actors; simply because employees desire to be productive at their jobs. Social engineers exploit human nature by tricking employees into handing over sensitive information. AI may be critical in allowing employees to remain ‘human’ yet protecting against human error through adaptive security initiatives powered by AI. 

IBM’s Ginni Rometty encourages people to think of artificial intelligence as augmenting human intelligence rather than replacing it. AI may bridge the gap between productivity and security, creating a line of defense that could be human-error proof. Threats today are continually evolving as cybersecurity defense systems try to catch up. AI could become critical in the creation of a cybersecurity system that is not susceptible to common social engineering techniques and can catch vulnerabilities unnoticed by human intelligence. 

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OODA Analyst

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