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Here’s How Quantum Supremacy Will Impact Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars, or cars in which artificial intelligence operates a car without human assistance, may be affected by the development of quantum computers. For cars that require no human assistance, quantum computers may revolutionize the industry. Currently, no car has been developed that requires no human assistance or interaction in the driving process. 

Quantum computing may be essential in the development of true self-driving cars in the future, but right now versions of quantum computing have high error rates. AI systems sitting in the cloud can be fed updates on roadway data being collected, enhancing the effectiveness of AI driving machines and reducing the need for human involvement. If properly implemented, quantum computing can aid AI cloud systems in producing real-time data that advises the car what to do. Another potential facet of quantum computers in true self-driving cars is to use them for traffic management and the reduction of traffic congestion.

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