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Putin Now Has Russia’s Internet Kill Switch To Stop US Cyberattacks

After years of preparation, Russia will begin testing the independence of the country’s internet, known as Runet, next month. The plan, which was signed into law earlier this year, will see Runet entering “combat mode,” which means that it is being disconnected from the global Internet. According to Russia, the plan intends to help the country protect its digital assets against foreign attacks, but many security experts believe that it actually aims to bolster Moscow’s censorship capabilities.

Russia began installing the necessary equipment on the networks of major telecom operators in September. Earlier this month, the Russian government described the tests, which will be repeated annually, as “exercises to ensure the stable, safe and holistic functioning of the information and telecommunication network.” Analysts say that it is not clear to what extent Russia will actually be able to pull off the isolation of its Internet without severely disrupting its functionality.

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