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Three Reasons You Should Never Save Payment Information Online

While a recent survey by found that 64% of US adults with a credit and/or debit card have saved their payment card data on websites or in mobile apps, there are at least three reasons why it is better to avoid doing this.

  1. It greatly increases the chances of your payment card information getting leaked or stolen by threat actors. Quite some Americans seem to realize this, since just 8% of respondents in the survey said that saving payment card data online is really safe and 44% suggested that it is somewhat safe.
  2. It makes impulse purchases more likely. 39% of survey respondents made an impulse purchase in the past month, including 20% who did so in the past week alone.
  3. It puts you at risk of paying for “free trails” because you forget to cancel them on time. This is exactly what happened to 59% of respondents who signed up for a free trial.

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