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CISO role grows in stature, but challenges remain

The majority of CISOs (58%) in a recent survey[pdf] by Optiv Security said that their career prospects would improve if their firm were to suffer a data breach. While CISOs used to fear data breaches because they could cost them their job and even their career, it now seems that firms consider CISOs who have dealt with a data breach to be more experienced than their counterparts who have been more (or perhaps actually less) fortunate.

The study also found that virtually all CISOs believe that senior executives currently have a better grasp of cybersecurity than was the case five years ago, while two in three (67%) respondents indicated that cybersecurity is the top priority in their company. Growing awareness of the importance of cybersecurity has 76% of respondents convinced that CISOs will be increasingly promoted to CEO in the coming years.

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