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Evite Invites Over 100 Million People to Their Data Breach

Earlier this year, popular social-planning website Evite experienced a data breach affecting close to 101 million users. The website, which allows people to verify if their personal data has been compromised in a data breach, has obtained access to a database dump containing the Evite customer information.

Evite admitted to a breach incident in May of this year, claiming that an unknown third-party had obtained unauthorized access to user data that “could include names, usernames, email addresses, password” as well as “dates of birth, phone numbers, and mailing addresses.” Since a database containing information on about 10 million Evite users was found for sale on an underground marketplace, it was initially assumed that this collection represented the total number of impacted users. It is unclear if the information in the much larger database received by Have I Been Pwned is also being sold on the dark web.

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