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Companies on Watch After US, Iran Claim Cyberattacks

Against a background of mounting tensions between Washington and Tehran, both the US and Iran have started targeting each other in cyberspace. As result, experts are warning critical infrastructure companies and organizations doing business in the Middle East to step up their cybersecurity efforts in order to protect themselves against cyberattacks and cyberespionage campaigns.

Former National Security Agency (NSA) director and former US Cyber Command chief Mike Rogers, recently stated that “the US and Iran both view cybersecurity as a potential response option that offers lower risk than a kinetic or military strike.” As a result, “we will continue to see more of this because it doesn’t necessarily trigger an escalatory response from the other side.” Ben Read of FireEye therefore believes that “companies that have done business in the region should, perhaps, have more concern — the oil and gas and financial industries, for example.”

See this article for more information about the Iranian cyberthreat as well as recommendations for additional reading for OODA members.

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