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China Summons Tech Giants to Warn Against Cooperating With Trump Ban

Over the course of last week, China warned giants including Microsoft, Dell (both US), Arm (UK), SK Hynix and Samsung (both South Korea) against cooperating with recent US sanctions that forbid the sale of important US technology to China.

Last month, US President Donald Trump declared a national emergency over telecom threats, thereby enabling the US government to extend its ban on Huawei technology to the private sector. The ban comes at a time of trade tensions between the US and China and also impacts other Chinese firms. In response to the measure, various firms including Arm have cut ties with Huawei. China had already threatened to blacklist US companies that comply with those sanctions. Last week, it took that message directly to various firms.

The US considers Huawei products to be a security threat, because the firm may provide the Chinese government with access to its data and systems, which would enable Beijing to spy on US federal agencies and manipulate their networks. Both Huawei and the Chinese government have consistently denied allegations of cyber espionage.

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