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Hackers take aim at Fortune 500 companies on the Dark Web

Bromium has released a new study on the dark web cybercrime economy, which indicates that underground web listings selling information that could damage major companies increased by 20% since 2016. The biggest global enterprises are especially popular targets, with 4 out of 10 threat actors on the dark web offering to hack Fortune 500 businesses for a fee.

The report also found that tailored cybercrime services, such as attacks designed for specific sectors or companies, have become two times more common on the dark web than generic offerings. The majority (60%) of crooks selling access to business networks can provide buyers with access to over 10 different networks.

According to Bromium CEO Gregory Webb, the study shows that “the dark net has become a veritable candy store for anyone looking to steal IP and data or disrupt business operations.” The underbelly of the Internet is now “a service-driven economy,” as “savvy vendors have responded to increased demand for business access and targeting, offering bespoke malware, access to corporate networks, and targeted corporate espionage services.”

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