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High-risk behaviors expose most travelers to cyber risks

A new IBM report exposes a disturbing discrepancy between the cyber threat perceptions of travelers and the actual risks resulting from their behavior while on the road. While just 40% of respondents think it likely that cybercriminals may target them when they are traveling, 70% of people are not doing enough to protect themselves during a trip.

Travelers are more vulnerable to attacks because they “carry a goldmine of data […] including passports, payment information and detailed travel itineraries.” However, the survey found that many Americans engage in risky behavior while traveling, such as using public Wi-Fi and public USB stations for charging devices. As it turns out, business travelers are even more likely to put themselves at risk than regular travelers.

For tips on how you can stay safe while on the road, check out the OODA Traveling Executive’s Guide to Cybersecurity.

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