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Traditional approach to data security hindering digital transformation initiatives

A new report by TITUS highlights the important connection between security and digital transformation. TITUS CEO Jim Barkdoll says the survey makes it evident that “there are two approaches to security – one where you view it as enabling your business, and one where you view it as a cost of doing business.” The former strategy “not only helps an organization’s overall security posture and culture, but also becomes a competitive differentiator, particularly when it comes to digital transformation.”

Indeed, the survey found that security professionals who follow a strategic approach to security are far more likely to be confident that their current efforts will enable the organization to realize its digital transformation plan for the coming five years (9 out of 10 respondents) than respondents who follow a more traditional approach to security (5 out of 10 respondents).

Infosec pros who approach security as a benefit to business also tend to keep their organizations safer by relying on fewer third-party security providers and services than those who view security as a business cost. Over 80% of ‘strategic’ respondents used security products from 10 or fewer vendors, while more than one in four ‘conservative’ respondents worked with over 25 security vendors, thereby increasing the risk of supply-chain attacks.

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