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1 in 4 Workers Are Aware Of Security Guidelines – but Ignore Them

New research by Symphony Communication Services shows that employee awareness of security guidelines does not automatically translate to prudent behavior. In fact, nearly a quarter of employees (24%) do not abide by security guidelines even though they are aware of them. For instance, 27% of staff members connect to networks they know to be unsecure, while 25% use collaboration platforms like Skype, Slack and Microsoft teams for exchanging sensitive data.

The study also shows that baby boomers are less likely to engage in common risky security behaviors and to share personal information through collaboration tools, while millenials are more likely to ignore security guidelines in various ways. These findings are in line with other reports suggesting that millennials are more careless than older people. For instance, a recent report by Truecaller indicates that millennials are more likely to fall victim to phone scams than people of different ages.

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