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Three-Fourths of Consumers Don’t Trust Facebook, Threatpost Poll Finds

A recent Threatpost survey suggest that people have lost trust in Facebook as a result of the social media giant’s many privacy snafu’s over the past few years, with three out of four respondents stating that Facebook is lying about how it handles consumer data. In addition, a whopping 95% of people believe that the monetization of user data is the company’s main purpose and that the many privacy issues that have come to light were not accidents, but simply part of how the firm operates.

Nearly half of all respondents does not believe Facebook could do anything to restore its credibility, while about two-thirds of people (65%) think that the future of the company is not threatened by any of the privacy scandals because people will continue using Facebook. Finally, 40% of people believe that the privacy issues surrounding Facebook are part of an industry-wide problem that requires a broad revision of data collection and data handling practices.

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