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Coinhive stops digging, but cryptomining still dominates

A new Check Point report shows that despite the recent shutdown of Coinhive, a cryptomining software developed for legitimate purposes but frequently used for nefarious purposes by criminals, cryptominers are still among the most common malware targeting organizations across the globe.

A cryptominer is malware that hijacks the processing power of infected systems in order to mine cryptocurrency. Before it was shutdown last month, Coinhive held the top spot on Check Point’s Global Threat Index and despite having operated for only 6 days last month, the software still ranks as number 6 on the list. While this should change next month, it seems likely that the list will continue to be dominated by other cryptominers, including Cryptoloot, XMRig and JSEcoin. All of these made the top 5 this month, with Cryptoloot clinching the top spot.

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