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Five Tech Trends Driving Cybersecurity In 2019

Cybersecurity is key to the top technology trends that are reshaping the digital era. Bob Bruns of Forbes Technology Council believes that the following five technology trends will be especially important in the context of cybersecurity this year:

  1. Analytics And Automation – The rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies will enable companies to automate cybersecurity in unprecedented ways.
  2. Cloud And Hybrid Environments – As companies migrate to the cloud, relevant security controls will receive more attention.
  3. Identity – Companies will be taking steps to replace passwords with newer, better security mechanisms.
  4. Securing IoT – The proliferation of unsecured Internet-connected devices is exposing companies to risks that they can no longer ignore. IoT security will therefore take center stage this year, with companies focusing on security-by-design.
  5. Regulatory Vigilance – This year will likely see the first major wave of GDPR fines, while the US government may introduce its own data protection regulation. As a result, companies will be carefully governing their compliance efforts.

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