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Rouhani says Iran will file legal case against U.S. for sanctions

On Monday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stated in a speech that his government is filing a lawsuit in Iranian courts against American officials who orchestrated the US sanctions that were reimposed on the country after the US pulled out of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. Rouhani said that the legal case in Iran would be followed by lawsuits in international courts and described the sanctions as a “crime against humanity.”

The Iranian president repeated earlier statements that the US government aims to overthrow the regime of the Islamic Republic. “The Americans have only one goal: they want to come back to Iran and rule the nation again,” Rouhani claimed. The sanctions have severely weakened the Iranian rial currency, which is currently worth about one-third of its value a year ago.

In October of last year, Iran obtained a favorable judgment by the International Court Of Justice (ICJ) when it told the US to make sure that its sanction on Iran will not undermine humanitarian aid or civil aviation safety.

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