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The cybersecurity legislation agenda: 5 areas to watch

The growing cyber threat to organizations, government agencies and society at large, has made cybersecurity one of the main priorities of the 116th US Congress. During the first weeks of the new congress, 30 pieces of cybersecurity legislation have been introduced in the House of Representatives, while the Senate was introduced to seven laws. In addition, a host of other new bills contain provisions that are related to cybersecurity.

Unfortunately, congress has trouble dealing with cybersecurity legislation in a prompt and efficient manner, because jurisdiction over cybersecyrity issues is shared among a whopping 80 legislative (sub)committees. Obviously, this can also lead to confusion among security experts about what they can expect from congress in terms of cybersecurity legislation. In order to prevent people from failing to see the forest through the trees, Cynthia Brumfield of CSO has listed the main areas that are likely to see legislative action by congress in the next two years. The arenas are:

  • Critical infrastructure
  • The cyber workforce
  • Supply chain threats
  • Election security
  • Bug bounty

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