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Budget Office: U.S. to spend projected $494 billion on nuclear weapons programs over next 10 years

The estimate for total U.S. spending on nuclear arsenal modernization and maintenance has been increased to $494 billion over the next 10 years, increasing 23% over the 2017 estimate. This rise will likely become a point of significant debate in the next year in the relevant congressional committees, and could also become a more widely-discussed topic among national defense and security circles. The total spending will be split between the Pentagon and the Department of Energy, which is responsible for a significant aspects of U.S. nuclear projects. An estimated $234 billion of the total will go towards strategic nuclear delivery systems and weapons, which will include $107 billion in submarines, $61 billion in intercontinental ballistic missiles ($61 billion), and $49 billion for long-range bombers. $15 billion is projected for tactical nuclear delivery systems and weapons, including tactical aircraft, warhead management, and new cruise missiles. $106 billion will go towards the Energy Department’s laboratories and production facilities, which are currently far behind previous upgrade schedules. $77 billion is scheduled for nuclear command, control, and warning systems. The remaining $62 billion is the estimated figure for “additional costs that would be incurred over the 2019-2028 period of the costs of nuclear programs exceeded planned amounts at roughly the same rates at which costs for similar programs have grown in the past.” 

Source: Here’s how many billions the US will spend on nuclear weapons over the next decade

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