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DNC: Russian Hackers Attacked Us Again After Midterm Elections

The US Democratic National Committee claims it has once again been the target of a cyberattack carried out by Cozy Bear, a hacking group with links to the Russian government. In addition to the notorious hack during the 2016 presidential election campaign and a lesser known hacking incident that took place in 2015, the organization was attacked once more in the wake of the US midterm elections in November of last year.

“On November 14, 2018, dozens of DNC email addresses were targeted in a spear-phishing campaign, although there is no evidence that the attack was successful. The content of these emails and their timestamps were consistent with a spear-phishing campaign that leading cybersecurity experts have tied to Cozy Bear (APT 29). Therefore, it is probable that Cozy Bear again attempted to unlawfully infiltrate DNC computers in November 2018,” the DNC has stated.

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