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Istanbul police: Judicial action taken against over 2,500 social media users in 2018

Government crackdowns against social media users continued in 2018. In Turkey, “Judicial actions have been taken against 2,793 social media users in 2018, Istanbul police have said in a statement. According to the written statement, judicial actions were taken against 750 people for conducting ‘terrorist propaganda’ on their social media accounts. Legal processes were also initiated against 236 people “who insulted Ataturk and other statesmen,” 507 “for making propaganda for FETO,” 89 for “making propaganda for Adnan Oktar’s criminal organization” (a televangelist), 459 for “provoking the public and inciting hatred and enmity among the public, 203 for “terrorist propaganda” (for opposing Turkish operations in Syria’s Afrin), 81 for “smuggling,” 16 for “illegal arms sale and trade,” 7 for “child abuse,” and 5 for encouraging “suicide or a suicide attempt.” 

Source: Istanbul police: Judicial action taken against 2,500 social media users in 2018 – Turkey News

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