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Israelis Seek Lasers Vs. Hamas, Hezbollah Rocket Barrages

“After Hamas fired 460 rockets in a single day last month, Israel may reinforce its vaunted Iron Dome defense with laser weapons that offer quicker reaction times, unlimited ammunition, and lower cost per shot. That’s a striking reversal 12 years after Israel largely abandoned lasers in favor of interceptor missiles like Iron Dome. ‘There is a growing number of experts that understand the mistake that was made,’ a senior Israeli source told Breaking Defense. ‘(We’re) ready to restart development with the more advanced building blocks available today.’ The Defense Ministry is putting together a plan to spend ‘several billion shekels’ (at least $800,000) on a new laser system. The head of Israel’s space agency, Maj. Gen. (reserve) Yitzhak Ben-Israel, even said last week that Israel had achieved a breakthrough that would allow it to field a rocket-killing laser within a year.”

Source: Israelis Seek Lasers Vs. Hamas, Hezbollah Rocket Barrages « Breaking Defense – Defense industry news, analysis and commentary

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