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DHS wants a custom cyberthreat warning network

“The Department of Homeland Security wants to create a social network that businesses can use to exchange advanced knowledge of cyberattacks, an effort that echoes what a number of private sector organizations have created but is intended to operate on a larger scale. In a pre-solicitation statement, the agency said it wanted to develop software to help small and medium-sized businesses communicate with each other and identify hacking attempts. ‘What does not yet exist is a peer-to-peer version of this reporting activity, where an organization can directly leverage related experiences of thousands of organizations and companies,’ DHS said. With the investment, the agency hopes that participating businesses have better internal risk assessment capabilities, outside context and more detailed information-sharing mechanisms. The plan calls for the software to be released on GitHub with the hopes it will be used by current cyberthreat-sharing organizations.”

Source: DHS wants a custom cyberthreat warning network

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