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Russian Hackers Allegedly Attacked Germany and the U.S. on the Same Day

Separate reports have connected Russian hackers to different attacks in the U.S. and in Germany on November 14, although it remains uncertain if the events were linked or whether any systems were breached. “First, U.S. cybersecurity companies reported that the group known as Cozy Bear—allegedly an arm of Russia’s foreign intelligence service, best known for being the first Russian hacking team to infiltrate the Democratic National Committee—seemed to have come back to life. The group was the likely source of new hacking attempts on U.S. government agencies, think tanks, and businesses, the companies said. The emails purported to contain files from senior State Department official Heather Nauert, but they actually held malicious software. Then on Thursday, Nov. 29, German authorities told Der Spiegel magazine they had detected an attack on the exact same day, targeting email accounts belonging to the country’s lawmakers, military, and embassies. It was the second attack by Russian hackers on Germany in the space of a year, following a global attack picked up by German security services in December 2017. The hacking campaign, known variously as ‘Snake’ or ‘Turla,’ has been tied to the Russian state—though the Kremlin denied any connection to the previous attack.”

Source: Russian Hackers Allegedly Attacked Germany and the U.S. on the Same Day – Nextgov

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