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Fake Elon Musk Twitter Bitcoin Scam Earned 180K in One Day

Hackers used compromised Twitter accounts and Elon Musk’s fame to scam over $180,000 in bitcoin in a single day. The scam involved changing the names of verified Twitter accounts to “Elon Musk,” and tweeting about making “the biggest crypto-giveaway in the world.” Users who sent between .1 and 3 BTC to an account controlled by the hackers were promised to receive 1 to 30 BTC from Musk. To make the hack appear more credible, other compromised verified accounts (including the Ministry of Transportation of Colombia and the National Disaster Management Authority of India) then posted that they had received the BTC as promised. Many of the posts were supported through Twitter ads, increasing their reach. 

Source: Fake Elon Musk Twitter Bitcoin Scam Earned 180K in One Day

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