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Intel Community is Developing a More Spy-Proof Room

“The intelligence community wants to make the spaces government officials use to review and discuss sensitive information impervious to digital spying. The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity plans to fund research to further lock down sensitive compartmented information facilities, or SCIFs, against enemy surveillance and insider threats. SCIFs are built to block all transmission of data in and out of the facility, but abundant personal devices and smart sensors are giving bad actors more ways to infiltrate the government’s most sensitive areas, according to the agency. ‘Our adversaries continue to develop advanced tools and methods to enable technical surveillance attacks against sensitive U.S. facilities and personnel,’ IARPA said in a request for information published Thursday. ‘It is imperative that we are able to detect the operation and location of any adversarial sensors, whether concealed or hidden in plain sight, and eliminate all possible transmission paths for exfiltration of data.’”

Source: Intel Community is Developing a More Spy-Proof Room – Nextgov

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