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New Stuxnet Variant Allegedly Struck Iran

An Israeli news bulletin is reporting that Iran “has admitted in the past few days that it is again facing a [Stuxnet-like] attack, from a more violent, more advanced and more sophisticated virus than before, that has hit infrastructure and strategic networks. The head of the Passive Defense Organization in Iran was also quoted by another source as saying that the agency discovered and neutralized “a new generation of Stuxnet which consisted of several parts” and was working to breach Iranian systems.  Due to the publicity and massive infrastructure damage that the original Stuxnet dealt, it is likely that many components of the attack have been altered. The original Stuxnet, largely believed to be created by Israel and the U.S., became highly effective by targeting industrial control system equipment and reprogramming key components for centrifuges, while providing messages that hid the existence of the malware. Details about the alleged attack are largely unknown, including whether it has actually occurred or whether, if it did occur, it was successful in any way. 

Source: New Stuxnet Variant Allegedly Struck Iran

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