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The military could see big spending changes if Democrats win control of Congress

“In July, as lawmakers were putting the final touches on a $716 billion defense authorization bill for fiscal 2019, members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus unveiled their own plans to severely slash Pentagon spending. The plan called for reductions in the base Pentagon budget, eliminating overseas contingency spending and ‘achieving a smaller force structure through gradual attrition.’ The caucus, a more liberal wing of the Democratic Party which includes 77 current House members, hopes the document would serve as a blueprint for the mainstream Democratic leadership should they take control of the chamber next year.

It received strong backing from Pentagon critics like Peace Action, Just Foreign Policy and Win Without War but only passing conversation from more moderate Democrats. But it has also served as a convenient boogeyman for Republican backers warning that a ‘blue wave’ in the upcoming midterms would mean drastic cuts in defense spending and a backslide into a less prepared fighting force. With a sizable number of Republican retirements in Congress and polls showing the possibility of significant Democratic pick-ups of district seats, military advocates may soon have to grapple with the possibility of again lobbying a politically divided government.”

Source: The military could see big changes if Democrats win control of Congress

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