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New Apple Portal Lets Customers Download All Their Data

“Apple users can now download a copy of their data through the tech company’s revamped privacy portal, TechCrunch reports. This privacy portal is already available for European citizens, as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation law went into effect in May of this year. However, it is not available for every region in the world. Information typically includes the basics like name, email addresses, street addresses, phone number and app store purchase history. And if there seems to be data missing, Apple has an explanation.  ‘Any data that isn’t provided is either in a form that is not personally identifiable or linked to your Apple ID, is stored in an end-to-end encrypted format that Apple cannot decrypt, or is not stored by Apple at all. Additionally, some data may have been held only for a very short time and is no longer on our servers,’ writes Apple. To access the data, go to Apple ID account page and click ‘Manage Data and Privacy.’ From there, choose ‘Get a Copy of Your Data’ and then ‘Get Started’.”

Source: New Apple Portal Lets Customers Download All Their Data – Nextgov

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