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Hackers breach customer rating tool used on over 7,000 websites

“Hackers infiltrated a customer ratings tool used on more than 7,000 online stores in a widespread attempt to steal credit card information. Magecart — the world’s largest credit card skimming campaign — in September targeted Shopper Approved, a widely used plugin for people to rate products and services, according to researchers from cybersecurity firm RiskIQ. Magecart was behind similar hacks that stole financial information from Ticketmaster UK, British Airways and NewEgg customers. Skimming is a common tactic in which thieves intercept your credit card payments and steal the financial information, typically through a physical device.

Digital skimming presents a new risk because while you can check if there’s a skimmer at an ATM, it’s much harder to tell if the website you’re on has been compromised. Magecart has lead a widespread campaign since 2015 targeting e-commerce websites. It’s looking to steal your credit card information when you type it in as you shop online. Magecart, an umbrella term for six different groups, will do this by quietly changing codes on websites to have sensitive data sent to its servers, siphoning as much information as it can gather before getting caught.”

Source: Hackers breach customer rating tool used on over 7,000 websites – CNET

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