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Here’s the US Army’s New Russia-Era Shopping List

“Russia’s invasion of Ukraine forced the U.S. Army to rethink its needs, from better cyber security to longer-ranged artillery cannons, according to the commander of the service’s new Futures Command. ‘That was kind of the wake-up call in terms of the capabilities that the Russians had been developing since about the time of Desert Storm,’ said Gen. John Murray. Most prominently, Murray said, is Russian — and also Chinese — progress in ‘establishing standoff capabilities’ — that is, the ability to strike from greater distances than the U.S. Army. He said the Russians — and in many ways the Chinese as well — are ‘able to outrange most of our systems.’ The U.S. Army has raced to keep up. Just last week, it tested a modified M777A2 howitzer that ‘doubled the range’ of its cannon artillery, firing a round ‘62-ish kilometers’ at Yuma Proving Ground, Murray said. ‘I think if you looked at the Russian army now and started counting artillery pieces they probable still have a slight advantage in terms of quantities,’ the general said. ‘Quality, I would still argue, we’ve got the edge, but the range thing — they had developed some capabilities that really out-ranged our tactical cannon artillery.’”

Source: Here’s the US Army’s New Russia-Era Shopping List – Defense One

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