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Russia claims US is running a secret bio weapons lab in Georgia

Russia has claimed, and the U.S. has vehemently denied, U.S. clandestine operation of a biological weapons lab in the country of Georgia against international conventions. A Russian government spokesperson announced that the Georgian lab was one within a broader network of U.S. labs near Russian and Chinese borders. A spokesperson from the Pentagon dismissed the claims as “an invention of the imagination” and part of a “false Russian disinformation campaign against the west…[part of] obvious attempts to divert attention from Russia’s bad behavior on many fronts.” The Russian Defense Ministry further claimed that the center is using volunteers as guinea pigs to test deadly toxins and that the spread of viruses in southern Russia was likely instigated intentionally from the center. Casting further doubt on these claims is their overlapping with the publication, by several governments, details concerning Russian hacking activities against a list of international bodies and a nuclear company. 

Source: Russia claims US is running a secret bio weapons lab in Georgia

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