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Is informationalization the modern equivalent of industrialization? How the U.S. Should Respond to China’s Informatization Strategy

Is “informationalization” the modern equivalent of industrialization? Chinese President Xi Jinping thinks so. In the same way that industrialization reshaped the economic structure of human life and interactions around the world, “informationalization” is transforming everything from everyday consumer products to military capabilities. This War on the Rocks commentary tracks the way that “this interactivity creates unprecedented opportunities and threats” from aspirations to improve life to the formation of weaponized AI. The commentary also reviews the way in which China has built an understanding of informationalization that is has enabled it harness it and maximize benefits in a way that, if successful, will be one of the largest components in their future position as a great power. If the US would keep its competitive advantage, it too must understand the “informationalization” shift and its relevance to national security, technology, and more. 

Source: Applying America’s Superpowers: How the U.S. Should Respond to China’s Informatization Strategy

OODA Analyst

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