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Iran’s Khamenei blames Gulf Arab states for military parade attack

Sunday’s attack on a military parade in Iran killed over 29 people and injured nearly one hundred others, interrupting an important military memorial parade. Identifying the attacker, however, has proved difficult as different states and possible organizing organizations have shared vastly different stories. The Iranian government has blamed “terrorists” that were “recruited, trained, armed & paid by a foreign regime,” also stating that it was specifically backed by Saudi Arabia and their “US masters.” Several possible organizing groups, however, have rejected the suggestion that they were involved, while the Islamic State has taken the opportunity to claim the attack as their own, which they do around the globe whether or not they were actually involved in the attack. Regardless of the perpetrator, the attack will have significant negative impact on Iranian-Saudi relations, which are already strained. The escalatory rhetoric, however, will likely help President Trump’s upcoming meeting with the UN Security Council, where it has been announced he will “address Iran’s destabilizing Aggression and sponsorship of terrorism.”

Source: Iran’s Khamenei blames Gulf Arab states for military parade attack | Reuters

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