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Indian government websites ‘hacked’ to mine crypto currencies

India is awaiting a Supreme Court case to decide the legal fate of cryptocurrencies in the country but, in the meantime, hackers have injected cryptojacking malware into government websites that are often designed on a budget with poor security practices and  infrequent updates. Rather than defacing a website or using ransomware, cryptojacking is becoming increasingly popular as it is simpler and, according to a cybersecurity firm VP, “cryptojackers who manage to develop and maintain a network of hijacked computer systems are able to generate revenue with a fraction of the effort and attention (required by) ransomware.” Internet of Things (IoT) devices will likely become a target for similar purposes. Cryptojacking malware has more than doubled globally since the end of 2017. 

Source: Indian government websites ‘hacked’ to mine crypto currencies | Asia Times

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