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Al Qaeda leader: America is the main enemy in a ‘single war with different fronts’

Al Qaeda leader Ayman al Zawahiri released a message marking the 17th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, highlighting the U.S. as the common enemy in all worldwide battlefronts. “We must wage the war – in any part of the Islamic World – as if it is a single war with different fronts against a united enemy…[wars in] the tribal areas in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Yemen, Mali, Somalia, and elsewhere…[are not just] between the Muslims and the local government only…[but] between the Muslims and the system of the major international criminals – America being the foremost.” In addition to celebrating Al  Qaeda attacks in past years, it highlights the ongoing successes of insurgents fighting America in “bleeding it to death economically and militarily,” urging them to continue “until it departs from our lands defeated – with the permission of Allah – just as it had departed from Vietnam, Aden, Iraq and Somalia.” 

Source: Al Qaeda leader: America is the main enemy in a ‘single war with different fronts’ | FDD’s Long War Journal

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