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Iran has arrested ‘dozens of spies’, says intelligence minister

“Iran’s intelligence minister said ‘dozens of spies’ had been arrested as part of a crackdown on espionage and dual nationals and alluded to an agent Iran had placed in the Israeli government, Iranian media reported on Wednesday. Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi did not provide details of the ‘dozens of spies’, or over what period they had been arrested in the interview televised late on Tuesday. Alavi spoke of the threat from ISIS extremist group, which sees Shiite-majority Iran as one of its main enemies in the region. He said 230 ‘terrorist cells’ had been intercepted over the past year. ‘We foiled plots on places such as universities and the metro but we published little information about this,’ Alavi said. ISIS carried out a multi-pronged attack on Iran’s parliament and the shrine of revolutionary leader Ruhollah Khomeini in June 2017 that killed 17 people.”

Source: Iran has arrested ‘dozens of spies’, says intelligence minister – Al Arabiya English

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