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New leader wants Cyber Command to be more aggressive

The new head of U.S. Cyber Command has announced his vision for a more a aggressive approach to protecting the country’s networks and data. A publication from April describes concepts of “continuous engagement” and defending forward” to impose “tactical friction and strategic costs” on those working to undermine U.S. cyber security. For years, countries like China and Russia have engaged in aggressive cyber policies “below the threshold of war” against the U.S.. With a more aggressive approach out of the U.S., there may be the potential for deterrence, escalation, or any number of unknown outcomes. Countries around the world continue to evolve and reshape the way in which they perceive cyber operations against other countries, and the U.S. may be shifting away from its war/peace binary and towards a Russian perspective of ongoing, constant warfare. 

Source: New leader wants Cyber Command to be more aggressive

OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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