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Raytheon missile defense chief: Turkey Patriot missile decision ‘is all political’

The missile defense chief at Raytheon criticized NATO member Turkey’s decision to purchase a Russian air defense system over the Patriot system, saying “Patriot is the most combat proven integrated air and missile defense system in the world [with] more than 300 ground tests, more than 1,000 combat engagements, more than 100 ballistic missile engagements…There is no doubt about the capability, from Turkey’s perspective either…it comes down to a political decision.” The Patriot system was deployed in Turkey for some years, but was maintained by NATO allies in order to counter missile threats from Syria. These systems have been removed ahead of Turkey’s installation of its own system. NATO has warned Turkey of the consequences of purchasing a Russian air defense system that cannot be integrated with NATO systems in the area. 

Source: Raytheon missile defense chief: Turkey Patriot decision ‘is all political’

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