13 Sep 2021

Zero Trust Will Yield Zero Results Without A Risk Analysis

Over the past four years there has been an avalanche of new Zero Trust products. However during the same period there has been no measurable reduction in cyber breaches. To the contrary, ransomware, data exfiltration and lateral moving malware attacks seem to be increasing. If the emergence of Zero Trust was supposed to make us safer, it hasn’t happened. One of the common mistakes we see enterprises IT leaders and many cybersecurity experts make is to think of Zero Trust as a product. it is not.  Zero Trust is a concept where an organization has Zero Trust in a specific individual, supplier or technology that is the source of their cyber risk. One needs to have Zero Trust in something and then act to neutralize that risk. Thus buying a Zero Trust product makes no sense unless it is deployed as a countermeasure to specific cyber risk. Buying products should be the last step taken not the first.

To help enterprises benefit from Zero Trust concepts here is a modified OODA loop type process to guide your strategy development and execution.

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30 Dec 2019

The Most Important Tech Event Of 2019: Max 737 Grounding

A lot happened in 2019 from a technology perspective. Google built a 53 qubit quantum computer that could generate 10 quadrillion numbers. SpaceX made rockets flying backwards seem normal. And Facebook was able to bring together Democrats and Republicans; though it was to criticize their privacy policies. Sadly the most important tech event of 2019 is the death of 346 passengers due to a software bug.

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04 Sep 2019

What To Do About Quantum Uncertainty

The term quantum uncertainty refers to the unique property of not being able to know the direction and speed of a particle at the same time. However if you were in Washington DC area this summer quantum uncertainty could also describe the confusion of defining the quantum threat to national security and countermeasures to contain it. We imagine there may be quite a bit of quantum uncertainty in your business as well. In this post we bring a bit of clarity to this uncertainty and provide recommendations for both business strategists and government policy makers that can help prepare you for a quantum world. 

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03 Jan 2019

AI Will Test American Values In The Battlefield

How will military leaders deal with AI that may treat troops as expendable assets to win the “game”.

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24 Sep 2018

Software Has Become A National Security Vulnerability

Software and our internetworked computer systems are more complex than ever. Which means to develop countermeasures to these new types of cyberattacks we have to work harder than ever.

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