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Sinaloa Cartel-Linked “Freelancers” Introduce ESG-Friendly Meth recipe to Netherlands, EncroChat Probe Reveals

Sinaloa cartel-linked freelancers have brought their sustainable meth-cooking recipe to the Netherlands according to new evidence uncovered in the EncroChat encrypted crime-network probe. This is especially troubling given other reports of record numbers of meth labs being seized in the Netherlands this year, with more in the region producing far more meth than the local market can consume.

This research dives deeper into these disturbing trends and the “so what?” for international drug cartels and those that seek to thwart them.

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Tim Lloyd

Tim Lloyd

Tim Lloyd is a risk analyst and threat-finance reporter at Shadow Banker Media, where he is also the CEO. He was previously a financial advisor at Morgan Stanley. Now, he writes about the private fund industry, AML compliance, and cyber-threat intelligence. He has reported on issues such as FBI concerns over laundering risks in private equity and hedge funds and emerging cyber-enabled financial crime risks for Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence, Vice Motherboard, and many other media outlets.