Wondering why you should join OODA Loop? Co-founders Matt Devost and Bob Gourley provide some perspective on why OODA Loop and why now is the perfect time to join our network.

We started the OODA Network for a few primary reasons;

  • To counter information overload and provide the one objective feed you should consume every day to inform your decision cycle. Every day, the OODA analysts use a methodology developed over 20 years to identify, filter, and summarize the important insights of the day.
  • To foster research and deeper issues that represent great risks, but also opportunities for our Members. We want to help anticipate the future and create a dialogue to inform our Members on emerging topics such as AI, cyberconflict, and the commercialization of space. We want this research to be objective and practitioner driven, so we focus on expert and analyst derived content.
  • To educate executives on foundational cyber, technology, and global risk issues. We look to create a one-stop objective source for information on threats, new technologies, and other important topics. We’ve created country threat briefs and technology guides that seek to educate and inform executives and can be used by our Members in their own executive conversations.
  • To mentor a next generation of analysts. We invest time identifying promising analysts, training and mentoring them to contribute to our site, and then launch them into the global employment market. Your subscriptions directly support their professional development and we’ve placed analysts within intelligence agencies, PhD programs, global firms and global NGOs.
  • To create a Network of next-generation thinkers (that’s you!), to share ideas, network through online and in-person events, and create opportunities for collaboration. At its core, the OODA Network site is a shared-interest community that wants to better understand what is happening in the world and what it means for them and the organizations they work with.

It is important for you to have skin in the game.

The OODA Network is operated on a not-for-profit basis. Sure, we are a private company, but we roll 100% of OODA Network Memberships into new content and networking events.

By leveraging the network effects of our experts and years of experience, OODA Loop can give you the benefit of full-time staff of analysts for at least 1/100th of the cost. With this approach, you get a team of analysts and experts, plus an ability to add topics to our editorial calendar. Thousands of people pay a similar price for a site like The Information, which simply tracks start-up news. Our focus looks to be much broader and impactful.

The Power of the Network

The more OODA Network Members we have,

  • The more we can push the envelope on analytical issues and produce unique member resources.
  • The more networking events we can hold.
  • The more features we can launch. For example, we recently launched our Boyd.AI knowledge base and have plans for more webinars and podcasts in the future.

As the OODA Network grows, so does your network as we:

  • Feature a new member in our member-only weekly newsletter.
  • Add more members to our private LinkedIn group.
  • Invite you to OODA exclusive and partner events.

OODA Unlocked – Innovative Ways to Bring Value to Members
We are big fans of Membership benefits programs like the Founders Card and have created a similar program for our OODA Network Members. The discounts you receive from OODA Unlocked Partners greatly exceed the cost of your membership. We are constantly looking for new solutions to unlock for you and we’d welcome conversations with companies that want to offer OODA Unlocked discounts to our member community.

Thanks for your consideration.  If you are ready to become a OODA Network Member, please join today!

Matt Devost & Bob Gourley

OODA Co-Founders