Cyber Deception Technologies are emerging as one of the most viable cybersecurity solutions within the enterprise and companies leading the market in this sector will experience significant growth.  OODA is pleased to release our first specialized research report focusing on the use of Deception technologies in the cybersecurity domain to drive your understanding of the market and the associated investment opportunities.

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Report Overview:

Cybersecurity is a dynamic field where adversaries are always seeking advantage and defenders must always be on the lookout for new attacks. Mitigating risks in this field is always a challenge. Enterprises looking for economical ways to reduce risks are increasingly turning to cyber deception technologies. These cyber deception platforms augment current defenses through various techniques designed to attract an attacker to “fake” systems, credentials, files, or other network resources. An attacker targeting these systems alerts security operations to their presence and the attacker also expends precious time and resources targeting decoy resources that provide them with no value in the attack kill chain.

Although deception tools have been part of the defender’s arsenal for several decades, years of fast-paced innovation in this domain has resulted in a modern suite of offerings that bring advanced automation and unique approaches to this sub-domain. This special report provides an overview of the latest industry innovations, provides strategies for deception deployments, and includes a review of the major providers of deception technology in the market today. We also provide insights which can help enterprises seeking to evaluate which of these technologies are most likely to meet the unique business needs of your company.

We have seen first-hand the benefits of deception platforms and concepts of operation to reducing risk, and most strongly recommend organizations implement deception technologies. Our intent with this document is to qualify the market and accelerate your decision-making in selecting the right approach for your organization. Contact us with any questions that can help you on your journey.