US Indicts Members of Transnational Money-Laundering Organization

According to an indictment announced this week, the US Department of Justice has charged cybercriminals from the QQAAZZ threat actor group with an extensive money-laundering scheme. The indictment charges 14 individuals from Italy, the UK, Spain, Bulgaria, and Latvia, with conspiracy to commit money laundering ranging up to tens of millions of dollars stolen from US victims. The campaign has reportedly been ongoing since 2016, affecting a range of countries. QQAAZZ is known for helping cybercriminals convert stolen funds for a transaction fee, assuring that there are no traces back to the original theft.

The DoJ claims that over 40 homes in five different countries were searched in relation to the money-laundering investigation. The indictment also listed several publicly unknown US businesses that had funds stolen from them and transferred to illegal bank accounts owned by the charged individuals, later tied to the QQAAZZ group.  The notorious Trickbot and Dridex banking Trojan operators have used QQAAZZ to conduct wire transfers.

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OODA Analyst

OODA Analyst

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